Gecko Gear 'Gecko Glove' for iPod touch 2G review

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by Sam Symons Live, Oct 8, 2008.

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    Kia Ora all,

    The Gecko Glove case is a silicone case made by the Australian company, Gecko Gear. I just received my Gecko Glove case for my iPod touch 2G in the mail today, and I thought it would be a nice idea to write a review for this, as I haven't seen many (or, actually, any) around the interwebs.

    First thing I might mention is that I ordered a Gecko Glove case, as well as the screen protectors -- yet I only got my case in the mail. After a quick email, turns out they must have had a "shipping error", and are sending one off today.

    I ordered the Clear Silicone version of the case, as opposed to the black one, both of which found here.

    I found the case to be quite cheap -- this one cost me NZ$17.99, which is damned cheap compared to my old $30 DLO case, which deteriorated quite quickly.

    Packaging and Accessories:
    There's not much to say in this category. The packaging for the Gecko Glove is standard, nothing special about it. However, a nice little accessory included -- a dock protector. It's a small silicone job, and fits nice and sturdily in the dock connector...however I can imagine losing it extremely quickly.

    Look and Feel:
    Here's where I thought the Gecko Glove really excelled, in most cases. However, in terms of grip, it doesn't do so well. I expected this case to feel more 'grippier' than my last, which stay in the side pocket of my hoodie all day without falling out once. However, the Gecko Glove (despite having a 'Gecko Grip' feature -- basically just diagonal lines over the case) feels quite smooth. I could definitely see if falling out once or twice a day, as it slides around on desks easier than other silicone cases I've used.

    The case looks superb, in my opinion. Nice and simple, semi-transparent, really makes the iPod touch looks sophisticated in a way. A thing I noticed different about this case, when compared to my others, is that the case only comes around the very edges of the iPod touch -- the other one's I've used cover the home button, as well as the light sensor. In the future, this could perhaps be a problem as the case gets worn out, and a bit loose, but I sure hope not.

    The case feels well made, though. It doesn't feel cheap and tacky -- it feels very professional, however the holes made around the bottom for the dock and the headphones are rough and bumpy...the only downside about the aesthetics, but not very noticeable. The same goes for the dock protector; it's got poor cutting around it, but it certainly does the job.

    Ah, protection. Somehow, I don't think the case was really designed for this. I know, I know, that's what they're for. The Gecko Glove would certainly prevent scratching, unlike my last one (a speck of dirt got itself between the case and the back of my iPod on my previous really wreaked havoc in there), but for drops, not so much. The case is very thin. Not thin to the point of "holy crap, this thing'll tear like paper", but it certainly doesn't feel like it'd go far to protect the iPod touch from the ravaging beast that is a hardwood floor.

    Well, there's my review. I will upload a whole bunch of photos tomorrow, as reviews are pretty poor without them, but I just don't have access to a camera right now. Any questions, feel free to ask.

    In general, I'm very pleased with the purchase of this looks and feel fantastic...I've just gotta take care not to drop the pesky iPod

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    Packaging and Accessories: 7/10
    Look and Feel: 9/10
    Protection: 6/10
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    Ive got one of them, a black one, it does the job, and it looks quite stylish xD.. But i am also afraid to drop it haha

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