Gba, Psx,snes Help Bios And Roms

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by aoh_chaoskilla, Mar 18, 2008.

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    first where is the SNES emulator? I already have NES

    secondly for SNES, PSX, and GBA, what do I do with bios

    I have no idea on where to get them, or what to do with them once I get them, or what i need to install onto my ipod touch 1.1.4 to get the bios

    because I can get roms for all of them I think once I have bios

    but then how do I put the roms into the game??

    I have mobile finder, im not sure what to do with it though
    and I have a sendspace account but nothing I do really works....

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    snes emulator is at

    snes you don't need a bios

    psx and gba bioses go in the folder for the app ( or

    to get them, google search gba_bios.bin for the gba bios

    scph1001.bin for psx

    the bios doesn't help you get roms, it just makes it work

    google search for roms if you don't have them, and use ssh or iphonebrowser or something similar to put them in /var/mobile or root/Media/ROMs/GBA or SNES or PSX or GENESIS (caps count)

    and finder and sendspace don't rly help you at all with any of this emulation stuff

    sendspace maybe but it's way way way easier to get roms from your computer

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