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Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by InvalidxZero, May 4, 2009.

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    I was thinking yesterday about some older games, and about how awesome they would be, if remade for current-gen systems. 360/PS3/...and I guess Wii.

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    So, I'll ask you guys, what games would you want remade, and changes to them, and for what systems would you wish it to be on.

    I'd have to go with Need For Speed Underground [360/PS3]
    It had the best tracks in any of the new NFS games. It's because they were based on what would be cool, rather than making a city, and creating tracks based in it.
    I'd much rather good racing vs a free roam mode.
    Although... NFSU did have a map screen with a city built around the tracks, so if they made *that* city, and kept the tracks the same, it'd be great.

    Crash Bandicoot 1-3, CTR, and Bash would be cool remade too.
    The new way they took those just ruins it for me. As a box set with remakes of those 5 older games, or even just the 3. I'd buy it INSTANTLY.

    Pokemon Snap for Wii would be cool too.

    Some older stuff shouldn't be remade, such as Super Mario World, because it's perfect as a 16-bit. SMB was remade in Super Mario Allstars, and is great.
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    I would love to see Final Fantasy VII remade because i never had the chance to play it. I would also like to see Half-Life 1 remade because, once again, i never finished it; Won't have to wait long though, Black Mesa, a free and complete remake of the original using the Orange Box source engine, is supposed to release this year.
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    Yep, HL1 is what I want

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