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    I'm pretty much decided on buying the touch, i've done my homework and think it's a great piece of kit. I'm not at all sold on the iphone, here in the UK, it's very expensive to buy and subsequently own due to an expensive minimum contract, but people amazingly have fallen for it! I'm a bit old-fashioned and i love my trusty Nokia phone, it too is a great piece of kit, it's a good basic telephone and i can text pretty much without looking.

    I want the Touch as a replacement for my 30G ipod which is almost full. On paper it looks as if the 64G would be the obvious choice, it would take all my music and subsequent apps, what's stopping me is the thought that there maybe a larger Touch on the horizon.. I'm thinking of the future, buying more music etc.

    So.. Larger Touch.. Grapevine? Rumour-mill? Hard evidence?

    Apologies if this question has been asked before but i did a look around the site and did a few searches but didn't find a similar question.

    Many thanks


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