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    Hey Guys,

    Well this is my first tutorial and I am still pretty new on IPOD. How ever after finding the LEOPARD UI THEME shown below I wanted to figure out a way to make the HDD icon functional or act like a real HDD. So I figured out a way.


    1. You need to go to this LINK and scroll down till you see the download link. This download includes blank icons and the MORE important HDD icon. You don't need the blank icons if you don't want them, but they are used to create spaces. Place the HDD ICON file were ever its easiest to get to.

    2. You need to open up installer and search for a program called CATEGORIES. This will allow you to create folders and place icons in them so that they are not on you springboard. Instead you will only see the folder in which your icon is located. You can create folders and name them what ever you want. IE..GAMES, UTILITIES and more.

    3. Once you have downloaded categories you need to create what ever folders you want. Place the icons in the folders that you want them to be categorized in.

    4. Create one last folder. This folder will be you main folder. I named mine DRE's HD as you can see in the thumbnail. Once you create this folder you need to place all the other folders you have created into this main folder.
    *NOTE* Some applications of web apps will not show up in categories. These apps will still be located on your springboard. DO WITH THEM WHAT YOU WANT.

    5. OK now for the more tech stuff. You need to SSH to your ipod or Iphone. *I wont explain how to do this* There are other TUTS.

    6. You need to located your main folder. The one that I named DRE's HD.

    7. Now I am going to explain this in mac terms because thats what I use and thats what I know. You need to "OPTION CLICK" on the HDD ICON file that I told you to put in a easy to get place. "CLICK" on SHOW PACKAGES.
    Inside you will see the two files you need. The first is called DEFAULT.png and the second is called ICON.png.

    8. Copy these files into you main folder through SSH. The ICON.png will replace the one already in your folder.

    9. Once you have done that you need to REspring your Springboard!!!

    10. THATS IT!!! You should have something like what I have below. This is in order in what I click on, so the first will be my home springboard. Then me clicking on HDD. Then you will see my folders aka CATEGORIES. and finaly the icons inside!!!!

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    If you want this theme I have, the tut is located on the same page as the HDD icon link.

    ALSO if you are in one of you folders and you hit your home button, it will take you all the way back to your home page.

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