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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by iPodMyPants, Sep 22, 2010.

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    So I exchanged my iPod today over battery issues. Had to wait a while at the "Genius" bar for my appointment. God I wish I'd just bought my Touch at Best Buy so I could skip being in the cult store. They exchanged and reluctantly waived the "restocking fee".

    Anyways I've got my new Ip4 home. Don't know if this one has a better battery or not.....yet. But I check for light leaks (the other one was fine) and sure enough I can see a few spots. Some light from the volume buttons and a tiny spot on the bottom right. Nothing bad. I plan on using a case all the time anyhow. But I am concerned about it getting worse and having to drive back to the Assh... I mean the Apple Store.

    Also, I backed up my iPod and restored it yesterday before returning it. I get the new one home and restore it from the backup. Guess what.....it screws that up.

    Here's what's been restored:

    My bookshelf wallpaper. A few folders I made. All the factory apps (Notes still has all my notes). And the new Youtube app I downloaded the other day. Everything else .....gone off the iPod. None of the music synced over. All my note apps are not there. I would suspect when I go through the tedious routine of organizing everything again the data on all my note apps will have been lost.

    Plus...if you are going to complain I say do it right......I got a new Incipio case from Radio Shack. It's not necessarily a bad case...but the slanted edges of the iP4 bug the hell out of me. It's just not as comfortable to hold as my old iPod. I wonder if someone will make a case that flattens the edges a bit for easier holding when using the camera.

    I pray to the Apple Gods that:

    1. This battery is normal
    2. The light leak will not get worse.
    3. The data on my note apps is still there.
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    Attempt another restore. It may or may not work.
    It might be that the sync has too much data on it, causes issues, I've had them too.
    Data on apps is probably gone. Resync the Music.
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    This has happened to me in the past. Most likely, you restored the backup, but didn't "sync" your apps and music. What happened is totally normal. All your data is probably there, and you'll see that once you sync over the apps that use the data.

    iTunes has some weird methods.
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    A restore only restores settings, user data and the metadata files that contain the information of what you want iTunes to sync, not your media files. because of how the iPod structures its system you have to complete a sync to do this.

    As for light leaks, take it back again - you paid a premium,, so you deserve your money's worth. You should never have to pay a restocking fee, it's their responsibility if it's defective.

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