Fruit Juice Tycoon, ver.1.2 released

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    Fruit Juice Tycoon, ver.1.2 released.
    Time management, tycoon, match-3, arcade, and simulation-strategy--all blended into an addictive smoothy of a game!

    New! EASY MODE!
    - Customer wait time increased!
    - Prep time increased!
    - Time between customers increased!

    - 18 new VOCAL customer sound effects
    - Challenge mode opened after completing Easy Mode.

    Currently rated Number ONE! time management game on iTunes App Store's Game front page (US store, as of April 28, 2009)
    iTunes-Full version

    What the reviewers have said:
    " of the iPhone's unique gems... Silver Award, 8/10"

    "Buy It!"

    "GOOD! 3/4"

    "One of the best Time-management games currently out... KISS IT! award"
    - TouchMyApps

    "...a definite recommendation... 8/10"

    Check out the free LITE version to get a flavour af the full game!
    iTunes-Lite version

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