Fruit Juice Tycoon Lite available aka Blue Mango Twist

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    Try a taste of Fruit Juice Tycoon!

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    Fruit Juice Tycoon (aka Blue Mango Twist) recently featured in the iPod Touch Fans second Friday Givaway!

    For those still on the fence about whether to buy Fruit Juice Tycoon, you can now try it out with our LITE version.

    iTunes Link

    It features enough to give you a good idea of what to expect.

    Full game features:
    • Arcade style Match-three fruit sorting game play,
    • Timing based fruit juice pouring game play,
    • Time management,
    • Business strategy,
    • Manic real time action,
    • Super fun delivery mini-game,
    • Fun storyline,
    • Challenge mode for replay value.
    Great reviews and user feedback all round.

    "Fruit Juice Tycoon is the perfect example of how to marry a simple test of speed with an engaging plot... 8/10, Silver Award"
    Pocket Gamer review
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    Looks edible =P

    Will try this one out.

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