frozen itouch 4G

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  1. coachtc

    coachtc New Member

    Oct 15, 2010
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    I recently bought the itouch 4G running on 4.1 software. I jailbroke
    it with limera1n and downloaded cydia and several other apps. One was
    categories of which I attempted to use. Upon making folders, moving
    apps, and respringing the new folders had the apps I moved but the
    same apps also appeared on the front screen. Thus I had duplicates. I
    tried hiding the apps but was unsuccessful. I made a big mistake next.
    I went into settings, general on the itouch. I opened reset and picked
    erase all content and settings. I did this because there was nothing
    on the itouch, it is brand new. The itouch then froze up so to speak.
    The apple logo appeared with the round wheel which eventually stopped
    spinning. It will not turn off either unless it runs out of power. I
    have been able to hold both buttons and get itunes to recognize the
    itouch and have attempted to restore. But the restoring process is
    taking more than 10 minutes and itunes says at the end that the
    software did not download because my connection ran out of time. I
    have checked the connection and even turned off my firewall. This has
    not helped. I attempted to jailbreak with limera1n again. I can get
    into DFU mode and actually get the limera1n logo to appear on the
    itouch but the spinning wheel at the bottom eventally freezes up and
    the apple logo returns. Is there anything I can do to save this
  2. Unregistered

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    i did the same exact thing. and no results. plz help us
  3. Josh5w5

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    Apr 24, 2010
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    iPad 2 (White)
    Try set up as new iPod. If that works then you should be able to restore again to your old iPod backup.

    Hope that Helps.
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