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    I look at the front page of iPTF regularly and find it very useful but one of the things that always draws me away from the main stories is the block of the text to the right entitled 'From The Front Page' with links to the new-stories below it. I understand that there are certain ads which provide a lot of revenue that maintain this site and keep it running, but do we really need a block of text giving us the titles of posts which are directly to the left of it?

    If it really is necessary to have this, why not have a link to a page containing a catalogue of past stories with dates (which in itself would be quite useful tool for looking up past stories). One workaround for the ads could be to keep the same page for people who aren't members and for members relocate them to the bottom of the page. I just find that the strip on the right disrupts the flow of the front page. I think this in my opinion could turn a good front-page into a brilliant one.

    Thanks for reading, DarkWrath

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