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    Jul 17, 2008
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    Here list a few sites where you can download free movies; they are all free, all legal, and feature hundreds of high-quality movie clips and full-length movies.
    After download, you can convert movies to ipod, or transfer movies to iphone, put movies to zune. One thing you have to remember: convert movies to the certain format first.

    Popular video websites:
    YouTube: you can upload, watch, and search free videos here.
    Google Video Search: Find videos, movies, and TV programs online.
    MySpace Videos: MySpace has one of the largest video collections on the Web.
    Yahoo Search-Video. Search for videos and movies on the Web. Also includes a link to submitting your own video to Yahoo to be indexed.
    Veoh: thousands of free videos available here. Trailers, movie clips, and more.
    VideoBomb: "Video Bomb filters up the hottest videos on the internet: people submit links to the 'Incoming!' page and you bomb the best ones. If a video gets a lot of bombs quickly, it makes it to the front page."
    The Open Video Project: a shared digital video collection
    All Movie Guide: Comprehensive database of film synopses and reviews as well as concise actor biographies.
    Cinema Now Free Videos and Movies: Usually this is a pay-per-view site, but they've started putting up freebies.
    Gotuit: tons of high-quality videos here.

    and the other links: - (Video, Music Video and MP3)

    More about these: Free Movies Websites

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    Jul 16, 2008
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    Yeah...i use the piratebay to download movies and i use to watch them.
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