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Discussion in 'Computing, Science, and Technology' started by RandomEskimo, Jul 30, 2010.

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    I am looking for a some software that will allow me to host a server over my local wifi/network, so that I can test the web apps for a tutorial I am doing. I was using the iFile server but since I upgraded to iOS 4 unjailbroken I have been unable to do this.

    So does anyone know of any software that would work.

    Free would be exelent.

    I have had a bit of a look googling but nothing that is practical or that I like.
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    well you can always install Apache web server, you can go to localhost on your computer to access it. then to access it over lan or wlan, not internet, you can go into the httpd.conf file and find where it says

    Listen :80

    and before the :80 part put in your network ip address. can be found with command prompt on windows and probably terminal/koncole or the mac/linux equivalent. type in ipconfig and enter and look for the ip address of the computer.

    once you find the ip address of your computer that already has Apache put it into the httpd.conf file. (i replaced the one that was there but i think it would work without removing the other listen command.)


    and then if you need to you can install php and mysql separately, there are many tutorials of how to do this online.

    the one that helped me the best was:

    this shows how to install, and configure to get everything to work, the only difference is that the mysql package is now an msi file and not a zip with a set-up inside of it. Also do not try the php msi unless you REALLY know what you are doing because it will mess you up in this tutorial when trying to get php to really work with apache, make sure to get the php zip file. also the newest version of each of these with work just fine in the tutorial, i have tested it.

    this is ALL free.
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    WAMP - Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP. All in an executable so no hard work setting up.

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