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Discussion in 'iTunes' started by MTAS, Jan 16, 2008.

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    Hello everyone, I have a 16Gig iTouch and wanted to free up some disk space by re-ripping some of my mp3's from 320k to 192k. I re-ripped about 75 songs or so, picked one in iTunes and right-clicked/Get Info to look at the file info. It does show the new bitrate, and a "last updated" time stamp that's correct, however the overall size of all my mp3's (at the bottom of the iTunes window) did not change. Any way to get iTunes to "refresh", or do I need to remove the song from iTunes, then re-add it (major PITA)?
    Thanks for any info!


    Edit: Well I should have Googled before posting

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    Found this little gem and it did the trick! My total library size went from 9.61Gig to 9.45Gig!

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