for those who r unable to reboot after jailbreak

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    Hey! there are many people complaining that their ipod is not working nor it is being recognised by pc.

    symptoms: ur computer does nor recognise ur ipod (it says malfunctioned)
    Ur ipod's screen is black and it does not reboot

    Note that u ipod will not be jailbroken after these steps. but u can jailbreak it later

    This occurs when switch off ur jailbroken ipod (in thethered cases) and try to switch it on.
    1)Just switch on ur speakers so that u r able to hear sound
    2) this is similar to dfu: hold both power and home screen buttons. after 10 sec leave the power button (whether u hear a sound or not) and keep pressing home button till u hear a sound(it may take 30 sec) if u dont hear the sound try again.
    3) U'll hear a sound that means ur pc recognised ur ipod. Now itunes will appear. click on shift+restore. browse for ur ipod firmware and select ok.
    4) ur ipod will restore to original setting(will start working) and will not be jailbroken anymore
    5) now u can jailbreak if u wish
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    or just get a booter from da 2g section

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