For people who having trouble in itunes

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    for people who are having problems in dfu in itunes with the shift left click

    please follow the following steps and you will get your ipod touch 2g

    step 1: go to start menu and type in Appdata in the start search area.
    for xp windows, i think you type in run and then type in appdata

    step 2: click the folder called "roaming". once you are in there look for apple computer. click apple computer

    step 3: once you are in apple computer, click on itunes folder

    step 4: from there in the itunes folder, click onto ipod software updates unless you have an iphone , then you go to iphone software updates.

    step 5: you will see your original restore software from apple. right click and copy the original apple firmware and put it or save it onto your destop. ( i recommand you drag it into your desktop and dont copy it cause itunes will recognize the original firmware only) also if your ipod touch doesnt restore in itunes you can put the original files back in the folder). finally you drag and drop your custom firmware into the ipod software updates folder and exit
    make sure you dont have the original firmware in the ipod software updates or else it wont work!!!

    step 6: go to itune and click restore

    step 7: wait until your ipod touch 2g is done restoring

    step 8: congrats!!! your ipod touch 2g is now jailbroken

    anything else or confusions, send or let me know

    kong vang
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