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    well i've noticed on the internet lots of people have been wondering how to use camera roll on the touch so they can take pictures of wallpaper and allow them to customize it. Well it is quite simple

    1. ASSUMING you have installer first go to sources and add and wait for it to load

    2. next install "wallpaper" which is a cool app that allows you to upload ur wallpaper and view other peoples

    3. most people will notice that you can add wallpapers to your gallery but cant modify, Ex. zoom in, on them. So add the following source

    HTTP:// and wait for it to load

    4. next add the following to apps in installer

    1. capture - an awesome app allowing you to take high quality pictures of the touch's screen and saves them to the camera roll

    2. cameraroll - a tweak which allows you to activate the camera roll and access those high quality pictures.

    hoped this helps some people

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