Followed instructions to jaildbreak framework 1.1.4 when i have 1.1.5

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by Syspiro, Dec 16, 2008.

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    Ok, my problem is that I followed instructions to jailbreak an ipod touch with framework 1.1.4. But at the end of the tutorial I realized I have framwork 1.1.5 because it tells me to install a package called "iPhone 1.1.4 Applications" and I realized that I can't because my framework version is 1.1.5. The tutorial is the following:

    (If you can't see it. Put "detailed instructions on how to jailbreak 114" on google and click on the first link)

    This is the part that I realized I have 1.1.5:

    * In installer, go to the Install tab, click all packages, and install BSD Subsystem
    * To get the January apps, go to the sources tab and click edit, and add OR
    * In the Install tab, go to iPhone 1.1.4 Applications and install iPhone 1.1.4 Apps
    * Add the source
    * In Installer, go to Install, All Packages, then install BossTool
    * Once installed, click home and let the iPod refresh
    * Click BossTools, Free Disk Space, then Relocate Fonts
    * You can then uninstall BossTool in Installer in the Uninstall tab

    After I added repo.blahblahblah to the sources, I tryed to install "iPhone 1.1.4 Applications" and it said that it can't because I don't have the 1.1.4 framework. The question is. Can I live without installing that, and is my ipod touch already jailbreaked or do I have to do all again? and that brings another question to my mind. Is it possible to unjailbreak an ipod touch.

    Thanks in advance
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    iPod touch
    Upgrade to 2.2

    You can unjailbreak, by restoring.
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    You need to change your firmware tag. 1.1.5 was essentially a change in tag.
    I believe the source for iSpazio had "FWChanger" or something along those lines.
    Here is one by Khaos139

    As the above poster stated, restoring removes all traces of a jailbreak and gets the iPod back to factory settings.

    I'd recommend you not waste your time with that. You're running an old jailbreak, and it's always best to stay with the times especially when its a major transition from 1.x to 2.x. If you're paranoid, all the issues that plagued 2.0 have pretty much been eliminated from 2.2.
    It's not all for apps or any of that, there are core upgrades such as battery efficiency and speed.
    Guide here
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    Question, sorry, new here, does that mean you would have to upgrade from 1.1.5. software to what level? 2.X? Thanks for your time

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