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Discussion in 'Accessories' started by Spartigus, Apr 28, 2008.

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    I just received my iTrip of eBay today, i love it, it is great. But my only problem is i need a mount to mount my iPod Touch in my car.... I dont want to buy anything, but if there is something cheap i would like you guys to post it. I'm really asking for designs/ideas to mount my ipod in my car. I was thinking of using PVC pipe since it can be easy heat formed into a sheet, then heat bent to make bends in it, it can all be done with a heat gun.

    My idea was to make an upside down T shape piece of PVC sheet, the one lip of the T can be struck/screwed onto a flat section of the dash, then the other lip can have a hole for the male port to go through, so the iTrip is under the T and is held in place with the ipod stuck on the port above the T's lip. The middle part of the T will be a back support for the iPod so it doesn't move out of place. Hope that makes sense. What can also be done, is the middle part of the T can be further out compared to bottom part, so it can be heat bent inwards to add side support for the ipod. I can then line the inside with some foam to grip and damper the iPods movement.



    EDIT: I have seen the snake stand, buts its not what I'm after

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