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    Adobe releases Flash Media Server 3 1:56PM, Tuesday 4th December 2007
    Adobe has released its new range of Flash Media Server 3 products, supporting H.264 video content and High Efficiency AAC audio.
    According to Adobe, Flash Media Server 3 is designed to provide "content owners with increased protection for streaming high quality video" and will be available in two versions: Flash Media Interactive, which Adobe says "combines the capabilities of Adobe Flash Media Server 2 Professional, Edge and Origin Editions into a single product" and supports DRM content.
    The second version is Flash Media Server Streaming, a stripped down product which the company is targeting at "live and on-demand streaming" and is to be employed by the BBC to deliver streamed content through the iPlayer to Mac and Linux users.
    "With a complete end-to-end workflow, Adobe's video solutions have transformed our creation to delivery model," says Erik Huggers, BBC future media and technology group controller.
    "With advancements in performance and protection, Flash Media Server 3 provides the BBC with flexible new ways to deliver streaming media on as many platforms as possible."
    The H.264 codec is part of the MPEG-4 standard, and that used in Blu-Ray and HD-DVD movie players. It is also the codec used to compress video for the iPhone and iPod touch.
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    this doesn't really have anything to do with the touch getting flash support

    Its just for content providers
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    iPhone 6
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