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    This thread is all ways to fix some basic problems you mite have after jailbreaking 1.1.3. ​

    Topic 1: SSH

    To fix some common SSH problem you first must make sure you have "OpenSSH" & "BSD SubSystem" installed. Go to installer and find the application named "BossTool" and download that. Now go into the boss tool application and first check up at the top to see what version it is. Make sure it version v0.35, if its not go back into installer and look for an update. Now tap "Free Disk Space" on the BossTool homepage. It will show you how much free space you have under the title "Disk Space". Now if it is low hit the first button which is called "Reallocate Fonts" then "Reallocate Ringtones" (ringtones should not take long) then "Reallocate Apps". Apps and Fonts should take about 30-45 seconds. Now go into installer and install "BossPrefs". Go to the ipod home and open "BossPrefs". Make sure SSH is on. Now Follow these steps~

    1: Go to settings>Wi-Fi> and hit the blue arrow that is next to the network your connected to and write down the IP address
    2: Open up command prompt by going to C:\Documents and Settings\Adminastartor\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories
    3: Type in ping (ipodsipaddress)
    So you type like: ping
    Make sure you use the IP you wrote down from your network your connected to.

    Now if you get something like "Request Timed Out" then that means you do not have OpenSSH on or you do not have it installed.

    Now after doing that your SSH Should work.

    Topic 2: Fixing SummerBoard and Other Apps

    To fix The SummerBoard no themes issue first SSH into your ipod and go to:
    Now you should see a folder named "Themes". Copy that to someplace on your computer like your desktop. Now go to var\mobile\Library\ and look for a folder named "SummerBoard" If you have it then great. If not then make a folder named "SummerBoard". Now go into that folder. There should be nothing in there if you for some reason did have it. So now copy the "Themes" that i told you to place on your desktop. Copy it into the summerboard folder. Now Reboot your ipod and summerboard should now work. If it still doesnt then go to installer and add the source if you dont already have it. Now refresh sources and go back to install. Click on the categorie "AlliPodHax SoftWares" Inside there are many great and useful apps and fixes created by our very own member allipodhax so if you see him say thanks. Well now install the package named Fix Jailbreak Symlinks. Make sure you install the media/library fix. Now this should hopefully fix summerboard if the previous method didnt.

    Now to fix the app called "Term-Vt100": Go to installer and add the source then find SUID Lib Fix and install that then find Term vt100 SUID Fix and install that and now whenever u restart iPod term-vt 100 will work fine with pass as alpine.

    Topic 3: Fixing Random Glitches and Errors in the iPod

    To Fix some other non big errors follow these steps: Go into installer and add the source Now go into install and the categorie "Blaze Softwares". Install the following softwares:
    -1.1.3 fix
    -GMM.Framework Fix

    Those should take care of some minor glitches and errors

    Some More little Facts:​

    I figured out today that the locate me tool on maps doesnt work unless your in "SkyHooks" Area Coverage. To check to see if you are then go to here:

    The End

    Well i hope this helped some of you guys out there. If you want me to add anything please feel free to pm me and also i will be adding more stuff to this as me and you guys figure out more fixes for 1.1.3.

    Good Luck and Enjoy.
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