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Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by Killa-X, Jul 26, 2010.

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    I was going through my Ipod touch 1G that was collecting dust for the past 5 months, and wanted to delete my files on it, such as So I thought it would be easy to go to settings, and hit "Reset all settings" on I think 3.1.3 jailbreak. The ipod restarted, and simply didn't boot. It hangs at the apple logo, then a spinner comes up, and over time it locks up and you see a solid spinner (like graphics isn't clearing). Usually I find it easy to get most issues fixed, but I couldn't get this one to boot or at least even reformat.

    This is an Ipod touch 1G 8gb that I had plans to sell on ebay since it just is a paperweight to me...My new Ipod touch 3G 32GB was its replacement. So if I can please get some help, it would be appreciated!

    I tryed just now, to do a few options to see if letting it sit long did anything...
    After charging a little, it shows the apple logo, 30 seconds later, it shows a spinner that freezes. i let it sit and slowly it gets brighter (the spinner) as it keeps overlaying the frozen one. After 10 minutes, it will reboot and repeat.

    I tried holding power-home until it went off, waited 5 seconds and let go of home, while holding power, in hopes for reformat. Nothing....just the frozen spin again.

    Any programs or sequences I can do?
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    Try Off-DFU - If it doesn't work, try RecBoot or something like that.
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    The last time that happened to me, I reran my jailbreak software with the ipod connected and that seemed to fix my problem. Try it on yours.

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