Fixing Installer.App Crash on startup

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    Well, recently affected myself, I decided to post to make it easier for the rest of you young ones...
    1. Winscp(ftp)/TotalCommander into your Ipod Touch/Iphone
    2. Go to the / directory (keep going into the .. directory until you see a folder called Applications) (or if you did an SSH connect just type CD /)
    3. Open the Applications Folder.
    4. Right click on the folder and hit properties.
    5. Set properties to 755 and Click done.
    6. Open the folder and right click on the file called Installer.
    7. Go to properties for this file and Once again enter 755.
    8. Exit your FTP client.
    9. should work now, if not I suggest rebooting your ipod by holding the top button until the slide for power off pops up.

    Are you also having problems with the "Main Script Execution Error"?
    If so, Try this:
    1. FTP into your ipod using WinSCP again.
    2. Go into the commands menu, click open terminal. Press OK to the error window that pops up.
    3. Type or copy and paste these commands in:
    chmod 4755 /Applications/
    chown root:wheel /Applications/
    4. Reboot your ipod after the commands finish(wait for the white line to start blinking in terminal again)
    5. Enjoy!

    (This sets your permissions and owner and group settings on the file.)
    (Credits partially to

    Enjoy, hope it works for you guys too!

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