Fixed Wifi problem weirdly?!!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by luv.aronge, Apr 9, 2008.

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    Just thought i would share something that fixes my wifi problem.

    Everytime I restore or reset network settings in iPoT, my iPoT cant connect to my computer, eventhough it was working before.
    (I use my laptop as hotspot).. I didnt have any security and when I do connect,
    iPoT would show that it is connected but after few seconds it would disconnect for no reason.

    And even if it stays connected, internet wouldnt work, so I tried going to starbucks.

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    Starbucks has wifi hotspot and DOESNT MATTER if you dont have account to use it.

    I dont have account but still my iPoT would connect for some reason and Safari took me to page where I have to login to use hotspot.

    After just connecting to that hotspot, Wifi works w/o any problem.

    My iPoT would connect to my laptop and I can surf internet and do whatever.

    I know its weird but everytime I do this, it fixes issues with my wifi..
    Dont know if it works with other people as well but at least it worked 100% for me
    and thought I would share it.. Weird how it behaves though..

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