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    I've been wondering about a work-around for the video out on the ipod models that currently only work with Apple's hi-dollar cables. I think that a fix for older / cheaper cables or docks would be welcome to the community. I understand Apple's hardware marketing strategy, but really they should also offer / sell a software patch that would allow the use of older cables and docks. It could be as simple as a slider button that toggles the TV out function and gets reset to touch display upon reboot. Unfortuneatly I have very little knowledge on ipod / Apple os systems and file structures. However poking through the os files it appears to me that ipod checks for a key / value that is given when authentication hardware handshake happens. It seems' plugging in the hi-dollar cables give a specific value that is for either composit or component out. I've read that 1.1.3 firmware seems to allow better TV out functionality with some of the older docks. I haven't installed the newer firmware yet so I can't comment on this personally.

    Anyways there are several files in the ipod os such as VideoSettings, TV Out.plist, and TVOut.strings that are interesting to read through. The editor program I have doesn't decode all of the files correctly and I have limited access to what I can view with it. Hopefully some of the smarter people here who understand coding can take a look at fixing this for us. It would be great to have a "patch" to enable TV out. Also I noticed that there was refrence to 720i and 720p in some of the coding I read through. It makes me wonder if ipod is capable of better resolution than originally thought? Any comments, suggestions, or thoughts in general are welcome.

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