[fix] music erasing and apps not opening after reboot

Discussion in 'iPod touch Firmware 2.X' started by interestingkid, Aug 19, 2008.

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    The problem: After updating itunes to 7.7.1 and updating firmware on iphone to 2.01 there is a big HEADACHE comes:
    if you reboot your iphone after upgrade (and you will sooner or later) your music will disappear and apps from appstore will crash when you open them! I think the problem has something to do with apps DRM and how itunes 7.7.1 handles it. I spent 8+ hrs playing with it and here is what i found:

    Signs and Symptoms:

    appstore apps crash
    music doesn't show up on the phone
    problem persist after restore and appears after first reboot

    Interventions that fixed the problem for me

    1. reset from within the device (settings>general>reset>reset all content and settings)

    2. while that's cooking, go into your machine and ditch these files:


    3. once those are gone, then delete the itunes application. restart the machine, and install itunes 7.7.043

    that requires you having a 7.7.043 copy. or you can get it here: http://ja1me.net/hotness/itunes77.dmg

    4. Connect and set as a new iphone. Sync. You MIGHT need enter DFU mode and restore if the phone doesn't respond after the erase!


    After downgrading itunes and restore all apps work. Music is where it supposed to be.
    After multiple reboots of the phone and syncing it with itunes, appstore apps still work and music is still there

    so there are 3 keys to making the fix stick

    1) reset the device hard core from within
    2) get rid of supporting files
    3) DOWNGRADE to 7.7
    4) Restore and set up as new phone

    Now you can reboot your phone if you need, back up, sync, install apps and it will work beautifully!

    i have used the same custom unlocked 2.01 ipsw for the all restores i ever did! So Pwnage tool doesn't cause the problem!

    Original Post: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jsp ... ID=7802089
    Fix discovered by g+j, so credit goes to him

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