[FIX] iTunes 1604, 1603, etc errors

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    I've seen a lot of people have trouble with this, even I was stuck with this. My iPod touch 2g would only boot to a white screen, though I fixed it by following these steps:

    1) Download this file and unrar it somwhere (use WinRAR to extract):
    (contents taken from Joeyl10's iPod touch 2G Jailbreaking Pack and shortperson1026's unofficialsn0w)

    2) Make sure LibUSB is installed (under compatibility for Windows XP)

    3) Put your iPod in DFU mode (black screen) and then run the "cmd.exe" , then type these commands in one by one:
    iRecovery -s
    clearenv 1
    etenv auto-boot true
    4) Next run "RUNME.exe" (might have to put in DFU again) located under the "unofficialsn0w" folder, and you should get a white screen on your iPod.

    5) Now start iTunes, and open up Task Manager (CTRL + Shift + ESC) and end the process to all the Apple / iPod related processes, except for iTunes.

    6) In iTunes, Shift+Click on Restore and select your file (in my case, I was flashing it, going from tethered to untethered, so I selected the 29mb ipsw file). Let iTunes do its stuff now and just sit back and wait. Go watch a movie maybe, if you have a slow computer.

    7) After iTunes is finished, it should spit at you an error (varies for different people, most common is 1604). Don't freak out, now keep following my steps.

    8) Close iTunes, unplug your iPod and plug it into a different USB port.

    9) Try running "RUNME.exe" again, if you don't get a white screen put your iPod in DFU then run "RUNME.exe" .

    10) Open iTunes again and kill all the Apple and iPod related processes (but not iTunes.exe)

    11) Shift+Click on Restore again, and select the same .ipsw file you tried earlier.

    Hurrah! If this worked for you (did for me, I did all these steps on two iPods that gave similar iTunes errors and they both were stuck at white screen on boot-up) then reply here and I'll add your name to the list below:

    The following people have fixed their iTunes error following my steps:
    -Thread was just created, none so far-

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