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    yes, i have had my ipod touch now for approximately 4 weeks. its beautiful, i think, bet they come out with other colors next year or xmas......; i have had some issues downloading since i have a dial up, a real hassel........i have been downloading a movie now for about a month. i just read where apple may fix the calender so you can put entries into it on the fly......i cant wait to find out what other are saying about the safari browser, i am not sure how it works and what all you can do. i have played with it some at a coffee shop down the street but seems kinda funky, difficult, i guess i'll need to write down my http to ensert , so that i am able to get to some of my own web pages, like my google page and my yahoo page, etc., course i dont even know if that is possible. if anyone is reading this and can give me some instructions, basic, on how to use the web browser, many thanks, its getn late , catch u later.........

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