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    Hey everyone. Well im gonna try and make a theme nothing really big, im not that experience yet but i like what everyone else and its inspiring me to try really hard to make my own theme.
    Well here are the details:
    Its just a simple Summerboard theme.
    Its will be based on anything to do with Mozilla Firefox , Thunderbird, Sunbird,etc ( I think you all get
    Im trying to cover as many apps as I can. I have 3 apps already done, Mail, Safari, and Music. Oh and I got a Wallpaper.
    This is where you all come in the picture. I need help thinking of Mozilla type programs that i can use as icons for the apps we use. If that sounded as confusing as it did as when i just read it out loud then just email me
    I did do alot of searching, so please dont say something really disrespecting because i have search. And for all you people that have it as you signatures that say search before asking , well i DID do that before posting this making sure there was no other mozilla theme here and i dont like stealing other icons or wallpapers. I have only asked one person to make me a theme and that person eventually do it, so if you all would please dont be like that person. So yea that about it. Like i said before im really new to this theme making stuff but im really interested and i would like you all to help me figure out some apps/icons. Thanx in advance and cya.

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