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    Name: FingerTest
    Price: $0.99 (59p)
    Developer: itpm INC
    Size: 0.3 MB
    Version: 1.0


    I'm destined for a future of arthritic joints.. cracking your knuckles regularly does this to you. However, before that happens, I need to make the most of the lightning agility in my fingers (No jokes, please)

    So that's why I'm showing you FingerTest here. FingerTest is an app made by our very own iPodTouchMaster05, created for a bit of fun to test your finger technique on your iDevice. There are three tests for you to do: Movement. Accuracy. Speed. These three results together will give you an overall grade for how you did. Let's take a look at it.

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    The UI is simple. Although it isn't the standard Apple UI with tabs on the bottom (I hate the unimaginative devs who do that on utilities), it does look very quickly made. The buttons (which I assume are meant to be rounded) have a white straight corner with a low opacity, which makes it look tacky. What the app needs is a good graphics make-over: A graphic with "Finger Test" scrawled on it instead of it typed in standard font on the main page; rounded buttons; maybe a gradient on the background.

    On the other hand though, the ability is there - All that's needed is a bit of design-work on the GUI. Let's talk about the gameplay and you'll see how it makes up for it.

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    The three game modes are fun and addictive, however, I've got a few problems myself. The first level only registers points if you hold your finger on the target for a few seconds - Not if you tap the target quickly (like I assumed.) As you hold one target, another randomly appears in a different area of the screen and you have the do the same - Against the clock!

    The same problem applies to the Accuracy level - (Although it may be because I'm poorly inaccurate!) In this level, targets fly across the screen from left to right and you have to hit them. However, the game recognises EVERY tap you make and gives you a percentage (Number of targets hit divided by the total number of taps you've done)

    And finally, the third (which is personally my favourite) is where you have to tap the screen like lightning and see how many times you can tap it in the time limit. I go for a 4 finger technique which gets me 200+ scores and it hurts your bloody wrist after about 20 seconds - But it's worth it.

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    High Scores

    High Scores are kept in the game too. Your best grade is recorded and kept forever for you to look back on and wonder "Why the hell can't I get higher than an F? This is hard.."

    What Else Does It Need?

    As with all short games which you can repeat over and over again (Examples: Flight Control, Zombie Assault) - Twitter and Facebook integration is a necessity. Reason? Because you buy the game because you want to be competitive. I don't know many people who bought Flight Control to see how many virtual planes they could land so they could be content within themselves about it - People want a challenge! And people want to know they're better than their friends in Shrewsbury and Istanbul.

    So this game needs a graphics make-over and the addition of some competitive features and it will be a steal at $1!


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    Get It Here:

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