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    good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
    first of all, i laughed my back off when i found out that there's actually a fan forum of ipod touch.

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    and then my face freezed after a genuine thought - i'm one of those.
    noone would say...
    (i'm not a teenager, and certainly not the slave of matrix or huge corporations' world order. and afterall, i may sound like that classic story of a guy in love with new york and never been there. or whatever.)
    but, back to the point.
    my poor self come from a third world country, somewhere deep of nowhere in europe. and, as you all may know, world suffers a glorious defeat on financial fields. what a remarkable chance for us to see that we are all so tiny, but so much alike.
    (i am not a communist

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    anyway, those are the facts:
    - i want to buy the toy (ipod touch, 2g, 8 gb)
    - i want to pay it as cheaper i can (average salary round here is aproximately 500 us dollars per month - i receive your condolences.)
    - my friend is coming to nyc and i don't want a stupid t-shirt to be everything he bought me

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    retails, discounts, stores - any hints?
    27th of november persists for apple top marketing?
    (this thread can be a sticky one, i'm pretty sure there are lots of people looking for a chance to save money but still get the stuff.)
    thanks in advance.

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