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    From another thread, no credit for me.


    To those who get the "connect to itunes icon" instead of yellow triangle
    I had the same problem, no matter what I'd do I would get the "connect to itunes" icon instead of yellow triangle.
    The thing is - you will not see the yellow triangle on some phones.
    Here is what you need to do:
    1. Connect the phone to your computer
    2. Start itunes, wait for it to discover your phone.
    3. Press and hold power and home buttons.
    4. This is crucial: BEFORE the apple logo appears (phone is rebooting) let go of the power button. The phone's screen will remain black, keep holding the "home" button until itunes will say it is in recovery mode. Then you're good to go with downgrading.

    Once the downgrade is complete, you will get an error at the very end. Just ignore it.

    Good luck.

    YMMV, my screen never showed the triangle, it was just black but was recognized as recovery mode. Worked 1st time though.

    So in conclusion, never restore if the connect to itunes logo is showing, it will never work.

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