Finally found something better about iTunes than Zune software

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by Zune Killa, Aug 15, 2010.

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    After having used iTunes for a couple years, then going with a Zune for the next couple, not much has changed with iTunes over that time span so i'm obviously not excited about using iTunes now that I have a IPT. However, one thing that I absolutely love about it is that I can add my media to the "automatically add to iTunes" folder and it will do just that! Not only does it do that but once it's added the content "disappears" from that folder so I don't have to worry about maintaining an organized folder!! I've only added music and one video (just added the video today) and when I opened iTunes and clicked on the "movies" folder, my movie was there!

    This is probably the only thing I really like about iTunes, but it's a very good thing for sure!
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    Found another! When adding album art you are taken to the last location you were previously instead of having to start from the beginning and click ur way to the destination folder. So if I'm adding art for multiple young jeezy albums, once I add one album cover it will remember that location and start me off there as I go to add the next one, this is lovely for me cause I have my music organized by album artist.

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