Finally figured out how to delete old suggested email addresses

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    You know how when you start typing an email address, the iphone/ipod suggests addresses you never use,

    well this guide shows you how to delete them

    you need SSH and this SQL browser:

    here is the guide:
    by: tonycortes

    Anytime you compose a New Message in the mail app for email, you're able to enter a name or email address in the To: field.

    The iPhone has a feature which stores recently emailed addresses in your phone so you can easily select them as you type an address or name in the field.

    For example, if you type the letter "M" and you've previously emailed

    1) a name that begins with "M"
    2) a last name that begins with "M"
    3) or an email that begins with "M"

    the contact will appear, even if it's not in your contacts anymore. It's a type of cache, history log. If you're looking to edit this recent email log or clear it. I found an easy method do this by following these steps:

    1) Through SSH, copy AddressBook.sqlitedb file to PC
    /private/var/mobile/Library/AddressBook [1.1.4 firmware]

    2) With SQLite Database Browser, open AddressBook.sqlitedb

    3) Switch to Browse Data tab and select ABRecent from Table dropdown list

    4) Select the record to delete and press the Delete Record button at the top right

    5) Continue deleting as much as you want and then Save

    6) Transfer AddressBook.sqlitedb back to iPhone overwriting original
    /private/var/mobile/Library/AddressBook [1.1.4 firmware]

    7) Reboot iPhone

    Feel free to ask any questions, perhaps someone can create a Native App to automate this.

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