Final Fantasy 7 Black Screen

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    Hello Everyone!

    Basic iPhone info:
    iPhone 4: 4.0.1 FW
    psx4all 2.0.1

    I'll start off by clarifying that I DO have the actual Playstation game of FF7. That being said, I got the Final Fantasy 7 rom. It had a ".cue" file and a ".bin.ECM" file. I changed extension on the the ".bin.ecm" to ".bin" and then used WinSCP to get it onto my iPhone. I put the .cue and the .bin in the "/var/mobile/media/ROMs/PSX" folder and then started psx4all. The game showed up in the list and when I click to play, it gives me my screen orientation choices and then sits at a black screen(aside from whatever controls appear on the screen. I've tried a number of solutions such as:

    -changing the permissions of the .bin, .cue, and the BIOs to 755.
    -reinstalling psx4all
    -re-ssh-ing the .bin file onto the phone as a .img file(i just changed the extension)

    Just looking for some answers that aren't from 6 months to a couple of years old. Thanks in advanced for the help.

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