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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by sidsweb, Jun 22, 2010.

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    Hello guyz,

    Recently i installed OpeniBoot, dual-booting Iphone OS(3.1.2) and android. everything was fine until today morning, when i started the ipod and the apple logo appeared and then just disappeared, not starting my iPod Touch. Android was unable to boot either, just giving me a blank screen.

    I had some VERY important document (almost 25 KB) in my iPod, which i really want back, so i tried every possible way to recover it, but i could NOT as none of the softwares (iFunBox, IphoneBrowser, etc) could detect my iPod.

    So finally after seeing this(, i got some HOPE, and i restored my ipod. Now i have a completely empty iPod (empty because i dont want to overwrite my old data, coz i know there are still chances of recovering my old data).

    Now, this guide, tells how to make that .DMP file of ur ipod file system, and tells a software to restore photos from that dmp file.

    The problem is, all i want is 25 KB text file, thats all! CAN ANYONE TELL ME HOW DO search for the .txt file in the .dmp file (and recover it ofcourse, if present), OR any other way to do, what i want.

    PS: trust me guyz, that txt file is really important, and thats the reason i have posted this problem here, straight for the experts.

    PS: I have access to Ubuntu, Windows XP, Windows 7.

    Eagerly Waiting for your replies.

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