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    I won't go into too much detail on how I did it because I'm attaching the file you need to copy to your folder. There are three files in the attached .zip file. The 'Original Launcher' file is an unedited backup file of the original Launcher file. The 'Launcher with Installer' file is the file you need if you only want to add the Installer app to the list of Launcher apps. The 'Launcher with all apps' file is the file you need to add all apps to the list of Launcher apps. After you choose the file you want to use, simply rename it "Launcher" and replace the file that is in the folder.

    **Important note if you use the 'Launcher with all apps' file**: To make the MobileSlideShow icon show in Launcher, go to the folder. Copy the 'icon-Photos.png' file, paste it to the same folder, and rename the new file 'icon.png'.

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