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    Hey guys, Title pretty much explains it. Please state your 2 favorite applications. Also, when you list your application please state the description, cost, your rating 1/10, Positives and Negatives. Please recommend the app if you feel it's worth the download. We would also like to know what your favorite game app is, and your favorite information app. What I mean by information app is by what you do to help you find a location, times of an occasion, a program, or something of those sorts, etc, ect..
    Favorite 2 Apps
    1) Game app: Rolando
    Cost -$4.99
    You, finger(which is what you are called), pretty much go through the world of Rolando controlling rolling balls making it through obstacles and monsters who try to capture your king and queen and prevent your Rolandos from saving the royals. You must lead the citizens, commanders, royals and others to the gate leading to next levels to the king and queen. You also must find the wizards who gave the powers and are the elders who are the smartest in all of the land of Rolando. The time they give you for each level can be iffy, especially when controlling all rolandos at one time. Other than that everything is very nice, Graphics, Controls and Levels. I recommend the download. Very fun game, over 40 levels ,I give it a 8.5/10

    2) Information App: Around me
    Once you have your wifi set up and your location checked out, use your wifi to check out the rest of the app. Then once you have your location and wifi set up you can just navigate the rest of the App. Around Me tells you all sorts of location with a wide variety of locations which are, Apple Retail Stores, Banks, Bars, Coffee shops, Favorites, Gas Stations, Hospitals, Hotels, Movie Theatres, Nearby, Parking, Pharmacies, Pubs, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Taxis and Theatres which really help. Check it out. Lists phone numbers through addresses and even more. The fact that you can't use it everywhere is one of the worst features, but aside from that everything is fine. 100% worth the download. Perfect for New York City considering Wi-Fi being everywhere. Not being able to have wife for the usage isn't the best thing, lowers the rating for this app. I recommend the download.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Why would people write that much info about it!
    Why not just the game and your rating???

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