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    i hope my post help you i know it will

    : installing GpsPhone, - Installer,Games,Gpsphone :

    : Installing Bios,: google gba_bios.bin download that and ssh it to you ipot/iphone

    : Get roms working : Go to Root,Var,Mobile on the ssh program, now create a folder, name it ROMs,go to that folder and Create a new folder in it call it GBA now change permissions to 0777(WinSCP) and now you are able to save!! if not change your rom permissions to 0777 to and gpsphone folder to 0777
    now its faster...!!!!!yay!!!!

    : Make GpsPhone Sound : Doble click your home button and click play wait till your music starts and pause it now you are able to control gpsphone volume.:

    : Download roms : i will uploade gbc & gba roms son till then google it

    : can i play gbc gb roms : yes!!! ill upload some soon!!

    : its very laggy :, yes i dont know when its gonna be solved and when you play an half hour or so it do not lag that much

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    : Roms :

    keep my post active to have gbc roms !!! ask for them ill do the work....
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    nice work, but there are already guides like this

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