iOS 4.1 [FAQ] Greenpois0n - A complete guide

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    Greenpois0n FAQ.
    unofficial write up by HarmonicRain.

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    Is greenpois0n untethered?
    Yes, it’s untethered for now, but after 4.1 (3.2.2 on the ipad.) it will be tethered for life (The actual Bootrom exploit is Tethered, the thing that makes GreenPois0n untethered is a userland exploit bought to you by Comex.)

    How do I keep my baseband and update to 4.1 and jailbreak?
    STOP. If you’re on an iPhone 4 this is possible by using a combination of
    TinyUmbrella. There are guides all over the internet which describe this in depth,
    such as:
    If you’re on an iPhone 3G(s) DO NOT

    What devices does greenpois0n support?
    iPad (3.2.1, 3.2.2)
    iPhone 4 (4.1)
    iPhone 3G(s) (4.1)
    iPod Touch 3G (4.1)
    iPod Touch 4G (4.1)
    iPod Touch 2G MC & MB (4.1)

    Does greenpois0n work on the ipod touch 8gb MC model? (3rd gen/2nd gen.)
    Yes, the update has arrived

    Does greenpois0n work on beta firmwares such as 4.2?
    Not right now, but it will easily be added in the future.

    Why should I use greenpois0n and not limera1n?
    Geohot has been known to abandon his software when he deems fit, as such
    greenpois0n has a higher chance of being actively updated than limera1n, meaning
    a better chance of a successful jailbreak.

    Is there Mac support?
    Yes, take a look at

    I tried greenpois0n on vmware, but it didn’t work!
    Greenpois0n, for some reason doesn’t currently work with vmware. Wait for the
    mac version or use a proper PC with windows.

    Can I remove the jailbreak if I’m unhappy with it?
    Sure, just open iTunes and press the dreaded restore button… You’ll be back

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    Chronic dev and iPodtouchfans, cannot help you if you don’t provide any details or
    the problem. If you want help with your device, go to #greenpois0n on irc.chronicdev.
    org , and include your device firmware, the device type, the problem, and your
    operating system (include if it’s 32-bit or 64-bit.)

    Originally brought to you by Harmonicrain
    Re-ordered and re-posted on iPodtouchfans by Bocharwood
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    Great FAQ.Though make sure to add 2nd MC model support once it eventually does support it.

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