Fantastic Friday 3 - An App Store GIVEAWAY! has begun

Discussion in 'Latest Tech News and Rumors' started by Joe Rossignol, Jun 5, 2009.

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    Contest runs from June 5 - 12, 2009

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    Fantastic Friday is back for a 3rd time! This will be the last Fantastic Friday event before the summer rolls around (winter down under), so be sure to get in on it! This will be another fun event with a chance at winning some great prizes directly out of the App Store! That's right: this event is all about the App Store! Thanks to developers sponsoring this event, we have over 400 promo codes (over double the amount we gave away last event!) which we are giving away to members like YOU! These promo codes can be redeemed through iTunes to get a free copy of some of the top games and other applications available on the App Store!

    How to enter: To enter the contest all you need to do is leave a comment on this thread.

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