Failed iPod - what are my options?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by gdubs, May 15, 2008.

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    So I have a 16GB iTouch. About two weeks ago it suddenly decided not to turn on, and wouldn't charge or turn on for several days. So I, having no clue as to why this might be, sent it back to Apple for a replacement. Yesterday I got it back - unrepaired. Apple claims that it has been damaged due to "water damage or contamination", and sure enough the headphone-jack indicator has changed color, so they won't replace it. However, this morning I have succeeded in getting the unit to turn on... with a few catches. The internal speaker doesn't work and it constantly thinks it is plugged in and being charged. The latter problem has become a much bigger one since iTunes only detected it the first time I plugged it in to my laptop - every subsequent time, even after a reboot, I get a "this USB device has malfunctioned" error. Restore mode worked once, but now it's stuck in Restore Mode and gives that same USB error.

    So what are my options for getting it replaced? Could I go to an Apple Store, describe my problem without mentioning the water damage, and sneak it by them? Or am I going to have to shell out $400 for a new one?

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum.
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    go back to the apple store again and again. did it realy have water damage? say it just happend like that by itself and the water thing is i was walking down the road and something dripped all over me and i was soaking
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    Your options for getting it replaced are very limited.
    The Apple Store will always check the headphone jack to see if it is colored. Obviously, if it is, they will not take it back.

    You should try to search around to "turn the paper white," or "making it appear to be white." I won't describe any more in depth, as that would be consumer fraud, but you get the idea. There is a way to get it back into the Apple Store. Keep in mind it is illegal, as that is consumer fraud.

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