Failed first Jailbreak, Jailbroke again and not wont boot.

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    So I jailbroke it but I could not use anything from Cydia or Icy and I found that it would work if I took out Icy, so instead of restoring again like I did the first time, I just jailbroke it again. Not the iPod 2G is off and I can't get it to start. When using the redsn0w booter it just crashes when I try to boot it.

    I haven't had problems with just restoring to get rid of problems but not I think this might be it for my iPod. Please prove me wrong, I only got it like 2 months ago. I wish the post saying to jailbreak it over again had said to install the retail firmware over again.

    Edit: I tried running redsn0w again and while going into DFU mode a Windows message popped up saying that an unknown USB thingy has malfunctioned.

    Edit 2: Did it a few more times and was able to get it to jailbreak again and send the different files and commands. Then it goes as normal and says Downloading Jailbreak Data, then it goes to the running Pineapple, then it reboots, shows the Apple logo, and now it seems to work.
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