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Discussion in 'iTunes' started by ARUS, Dec 3, 2007.

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    Sep 21, 2007
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    today my father has received his new notebook "Samsung R60", but I may use it, too.
    So now my question: Which is the best way to export my whole iTunes library to the Laptop? I just found 2 functions called "Export" or "Export media", but after clicking I´m only able to export some simple txt or xml-files...
    Thank you for your help

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  2. szeltman6311

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    Oct 14, 2007
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    You have to use File>Back Up to Disk...
  3. TundraDome

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    Dec 2, 2007
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    Clarification Request on using Back Up To Disk to move music to new PC

    Nice Feature and thanks for the great tip! I want to move my entire music library from my long-in-the-tooth Dell Inspiron 4150 (6 years old and still kicking) to my wife's new-to-me (2 years old) VAIO as my iTouch simply won't connect to my dated PC hardware (tried alot of things, powered usb notebook cards, etc. but not worth going into here).

    My questions are:

    If I use the "Back Up to Disk" method to move (restore) my music to the other PC:

    1. Do I have to deal with "authorization" and "deauthorization" to get my iTunes purchased music to play on the Vaio or to sync to my iPod Touch?

    2. My wife has her own iTunes music library associated with her user account on the Vaio. I will use my user account on the Vaio when moving my music. This should ensure when I move my music to the Vaio I don't corrupt her music library, correct?

    3. I created a new Apple ID account on the Vaio when registering my iTouch (Probably should have used my original Apple ID account that is on my Dell).

    (a) Will this cause an "authorization" problem when I use the "Back Up to Disk" method to move my music to the Vaio?
    (b) Or, if the move is successful, will iTunes on the Vaio prevent me from playing the music on the Vaio?
    (c) Or will iTunes on the Vaio prevent me from syncing (downloading) the music to my iPod Toch?

    3. I've looked at a lot of websites about exporting to an external hard disk, then importing to the target PC, then juggling all kinds of XML tasks including editing XML files in what appears to be a 50% success rate to maintain playslists, ratings, etc. This seems like a bit of an experimental nighmare waiting to happen . . . Neverthless, any solid reason why I should pursue these approaches rather than the seeminly easy "Back up to Disk" approach?

    Thanks for your thoughtful answers.

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    -- TundraDome

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