Exploit - Straight from the horses mouth (Niacin)

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Hazed, Oct 10, 2007.

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    (16:23:58) (@Niacin) so
    (16:24:01) (@Niacin) to answer some questions
    (16:24:13) (@Niacin) Yes we can use the tiff to activate iphones
    (16:24:27) (@Niacin) No i have not tested third party apps on either itouch or iphone
    (16:24:35) (@Niacin) ( they are known to work on the iphone... )
    (16:24:43) (@Niacin) what the exploit does....
    (16:24:56) (@Niacin) it unjails media then remounts the drive rw
    (16:25:56) (@Niacin) so it won't put fstab in place for you yet
    (16:25:58) (@Niacin) or services.plist
    (16:26:08) (@Niacin) we will create another version later that will do this
    (16:26:16) (@Niacin) but for now.. to get the exploit out the door
    (16:26:19) (@Niacin) it will just remount rw
    (16:26:26) (@Niacin) and you can copy the file into place with iphuc
    (16:26:28) (@Niacin) ok
    (16:26:30) (@Niacin) so questions?

    Release seams imminent according to the #betatest topic title

    UPDATE: With regards to the TIFF exploit and iPhuc for Windows
    (16:27:31) (@Niacin) ok so the exploit will be released as a link on my site
    (16:27:47) (@Niacin) for now the offsets were calculated based on the tif being inside my php app
    (16:27:52) (@Niacin) so removing the tiff likely wont work
    (16:28:06) (@Niacin) IPHUC for windows will work
    (16:28:18) (@Niacin) and yes todays release will cover BOTH IPHONE/ITOUCH 1.1.1
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