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    iPod touch
    Ok, so I just got Yeti3D on my ipod touch and I was thinking that it works perfectly (with some control and graphical issues) so I thought of a perfect game or series of games that could work quite well with this engine/interface what ever you want to call it. If anyone has ever heard of Alien Arena, a free downloadable FPS game in which you are pitted against aliens in a deathmatch scenario to see who could rack up the most kills and advance to the next level. This game would be amazing on the touch, I'm not sure who out there would even think of making this but, it's a start. I'm not all that technical but I know a lot about computers and such, but perhaps Alien Arena "Touch" could be online :S.

    The second game is a free games on miniclip.com called Frantic. The premise is simple, survive the waves of increasingly difficult enemies until you evidentially die. This would be fun for sh*ts and giggles and it would be quite fun on the touch.

    Thanks for reading and hopefully someone gets inlightened from this thread,
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    Alien Arena runs on a 1.6GHz, 1.5gb machine running Ubuntu Linux 7.10 at top speed.

    On my 1Ghz machine with 1gb ram, it runs at near-ish top speed.

    And on my 333MHz machine with 256mb ram, it runs at an unheard of slowly paced speed, lagging all over the place.

    All running Ubuntu Linux.

    So, if 333MHz and 256mb isn't enough, then how would the low processor speed of the iPoT work with it?

    Slowly. Very slowly.
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    You're basing that on it running at (presumably) 640x480 or higher resolution with all 3D effects enabled. You can't use that as a basis for determining its viability on a portable device.

    Optimization is very possible here. For starters, the Touch has half the resolution (HVGA 320x480) so that gives you some speed there compared to its desktop counterpart that's running in at least twice the resolution. Furthermore you can eliminate a slew of effects -- bump mapping, decal mapping, specular highlights, anisotropy, antialiasing, volumetrics (lighting, fog, etc. - use simplified effects here), bloom, etc. Then you can reduce texture resolution, reduce 3D model complexity, add polygon culling for hidden surfaces (if it isn't there already) and you could end up with an engine that plays quite well, albeit with far less detail than its progenitor.

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