Exact same app with different subject: Should I keep theme seperate, or together?

Discussion in 'Application Ideas' started by bamhm182, Jul 31, 2010.

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    I am going to make a series of applications. Just for sake of example, lets say these applications help you study for your finals. I'm going to charge $2 per subject, but haven't yet decided if I want to make one giant multi-subject app, or many tiny single subject app. Which do you think would be better?

    For example, I could have it either of these 2 ways:

    Algebra - $2
    English - $2
    History - $2


    Final Ace
    ....Algebra - $2
    ....English - $2
    ....History - $2

    I'm thinking the latter would be better, but I'm not too sure how in app purchases compare with full apps as far as sales go.

    I am also thinking that with the 2nd way, I could entice people to buy more than 1 version with a buy 1 get 1 half off type deal. I could have 2 sets of each app, one for $1, and one for $2. Then when someone buys one of the $2 in-app purchases, it presents them with a special offer to buy any one of the other IAPs that are in the $1 set. What do you think of that idea, should I try and implement it if I got the 1 big app route?
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    I'd make the cost of the app free and have it include one subject, and make all other subjects into in-app purchases. I can't see why a lot of developers don't see that this stops people from getting cracked versions of their app!

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