Everytime I add a source it gets 1/4th of the way and stops..

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by Vadim, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Vadim

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    Jan 31, 2008
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    Ok so basically I want to add some sources to the installer.

    EVERY single time I try to add a source and ive tried lots of different ones it always gets 1/4th of the way and stops. Thats on the "Checking Sources" part. Any help with this? I cant get my pokemon roms

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    EDIT : Oh and is it just me or can noone else install summerboard? It downloads to the end almost and gives an error everytime..
  2. Tylervit2418

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    Jan 30, 2008
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    iPod touch
    I have the same problem when adding sources...If you get an answer from somewhere can u PM me? Ill do the same as well.

    Unless someone posts here
  3. Vadim

    Vadim New Member

    Jan 31, 2008
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    Ya well this is what I did and now it works:

    Just delete all of the sources besides apptapp because you cant delete it. Save all of the sites just incase you want them back. Then just add whichever source you want and it wont take long at all.

    Heres tons of sources :

    AlohaSoft 1.0.2: homepage.mac.com/reinholdpenner/102.xml
    AlohaSoft 1.1.1: homepage.mac.com/reinholdpenner/111.xml
    AlohaSoft 1.1.2: homepage.mac.com/reinholdpenner/112.xml
    Apogee LTD: getrawred.no-ip.org
    aXP: lostsoul.aeroxp.org/iphone/index.xml
    BigBoss: sleepers.net/iphonerepo
    BigBoss: markmon.mine.nu:90/iphone/repo/repo.plist
    Blake’s Apps: iphone.latte.ca/
    Blaze Ultimate [NEW LINK] blazeco.info/blaze.xml (Use this source to add a lot of sources)
    BlackWolf’s Source (Advanced Preferences): http://m8an.de/installer.xml
    CedSoft: prog.cedsoft.free.fr (iSnake)
    ChriB’s iMilk Source: chrib.x10hosting.com/
    ChriB and Co’ BETA: betarepo.powerspeeders.net
    ChriB and Co’: repo.itouchable.de
    Code Genocide: repo.codegenocide.com
    CopyCoders: homepage.mac.com/hartsteins/copycoders/copycoders.xml (Network Apps)
    Crazyloof’s Repo: crazyloof.googlepages.com/repo.xml
    Death to Design: iphone.deathtodesign.com
    Demosthenes705’s eBooks: brandonsgames.com/chriss/index.xml
    HitOriBlog: hpcgi3.nifty.com/moyashi/ipodtouch/repository.cgi
    iApp-a-Day: iappaday.com/install
    iBlackjack: iphonefanclub.com/native
    Imagine09: home.twcny.rr.com/imagine09/Imagine09.xml
    Jody’s Repo: podmap.net/apps
    Apple Repo (iPhone Apps) [NEW LINK]: applerepo.com
    iUnlock: i.unlock.no
    jComic Repository: penjuinlabs.com/ipod
    Jiggy Repository: jiggyapp.com/i
    Limited Edition iPhone: limitededitioniphone.com/lei.xml
    Ma3rpyr0’s Source: mast3rpyr0.hopto.org/repo
    Mateo: bblk.net/iphone (BeatPhone)
    ModMyiFone: modmyifone.com/installer.xml
    MTL Repository: home.mike.tl/iphone
    NextHaos: nexthaus.com/iphone/ota
    PXL Repository: pxl.freemyiphone.com (SMS Swiper, etc.)
    R4m0n Repository: iphone.r4m0n.net/repos
    Robota International: iphone.robota.nl
    Scientific Calcs: tinyurl.com/2b32sn
    ScummVM: urbanfanatics.com/scummvm.xml
    Seriously Slick: seriouslyslick.com/iphone/repository
    Shai’s Apps: ride4.org/shai.xml (Customize Addons)
    Stealth: sources.st3alth.org/sources.xml
    Someone1Guy’s Book Repo: drinkmalk.com/books/repo.xml
    Studded: studded.net/installer/index.xml
    Surge: iphonesurge.com/iphonesurge.xml
    Swell: lyndellwiggins.com/Swell.xml
    Tabrin’s GBA Rom Source: gbarepo.servegame.com
    Tabrin’s PSX Rom Source: tabrin.com/avo/PSXRepo/repository.xml
    TTR Source: http://kozmicstar.com/ttrsongs.xml
    TouchMods (SIP-VoIP): touchmods.net/rep.xml
    Vladimir Kofman: iphone.vladimirkofman.com/
    weTools: app.weiphone.com/installer
    Wisdom On Wheels: wizdomonwheels.com/apps/iphone
    ZodTTD.com Releases (Emulators): zodttd.com/repo/
    Asuraku’s Repo: asuraku.googlepages.com/repo.xml
    TouchRepo Beta: touchrepo.com/betarepo.xml
    Untitled (Themes):http://makwell06.googlepages.com/1.xml
    Untitled (Themes):http://www.webveteran.com/repo/
    iPhone DevDocs: idevdocs.com/install
    Caissa: caissa.us
    Pyrofer’s Projects: pyrofersprojects.com/repos/repos.xml
    Simek’s Graphic: simek.ddl2.pl
    Nuclear Design: nucleardesign.net/repository
    Soneso Repository: soneso.com/iphone
    Slezak’s Stuff: www.spencerslezak.com
    Sanoodi Repository: sanoodi.com/iphone
    McCarron’s Repo: patrickmccarron.com/irepo
    Patricks Source: sources.st3alth.org/sources.xml
    Jiggy Main Repository: jiggyapp.com/i
    iSpazio: spaziocellulare.com/ispazio.xml
    Chinese LumaQQ: lumaqq.linuxsir.org/update/repository.plist
    Arabic: apps.iphoneislam.com
    Belgium: rep.belgium-iphone.com
    Simplified Chinese: iphone.org.hk/repository.plist
    Danish: iphone.vildmedmac.dk/install
    FrenchIphone: rep.frenchiphone.com
    Greek: greek-iphone.com/grloc
    Hebrew ?????: ihebrew.net
    Korean: bomijoa.com/iphone/
    iPhone FOR Taiwan: iphone4.tw/unlock/
    iRussian ? iUkrainian localizations: irussian.com-a.googlepages.com/irussian.xml
    Norwegian - iFon: install.ifon.no
    Polish iPolish: krzak.net/iphone
    Russian iPhone ??-?????? russianiphone.ru/beta
    Russian Tools (in English) russianiphone.ru/beta/en
    Spanish Phyros iPhone-ES: iphone.frickr.es/index.xml
    Swedish iFun.se: ifun.se/swe
    Turkish: niffob.com/triphone.xml
    Vietnamese: iphone.billydragon.net
    Thai: pradt.net/iphone
    iSwitcher: web.mac.com/iswitcher2/list.xml
    TouchRepo: touchrepo.com/repo.xml
    Java/Development: http://apptapp.saurik.com/
    Original Trusted Sources:
    AppTapp Official: repository.apptapp.com
    Conceited Software: conceitedsoftware.com/iphone / conceitedsoftware.com/iphone/beta
    Ste Packaging: psmxy.org/iphone-apps
  4. Blizzard

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    Nov 16, 2007
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    the more sources, the slower installer will load.
  5. Vadim

    Vadim New Member

    Jan 31, 2008
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    Ya exactly. So basically just pick any one of those. Get whatever programs you want and delete the source and goto the next source.
  6. bddckr

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    Dec 2, 2007
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