Everything IS GONE! Help?

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by RoYaLx, May 17, 2009.

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    Mar 11, 2009
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    Once again, my HP crashed on me. I had to re-do everything, including my iTunes.
    Now before you say contact Apple, this has happened twice before, and they won't help me again. BUT, this time, I was smart enough to back up everything to an external hard drive. Although, there is one issue: ALL THE MEDIA WON'T GO BACK ON MY COMPUTER!!!

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    I have tried different USB ports and rebooting, but still nothing. The odd part is that I can put it on my son's eMachine without a problem; it just won't go on to mine. I also have a old Dell Latitude, even that worked, but I can't use it because the keyboard got wet and most of the keys won't work.


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