iOS 3.1 [Error Solve] How to fix apps that run incorrectly 3.1.1\3.1.2 fw

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by knifeproz, Oct 12, 2009.

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    Hey guys, alot of people have been expiriencing problems, and me too in particular. I have noticed a pattern, for all those people that jailbroke using blackra1n (i dont know if purplera1n jailbreaks 3.1.2 on macs) and installed icy cydia and rock, or cydia and rock - you have been getting a lot of problems probably. Those include - apps crashing, cydia/rock apps not installing/working correctly, etc.

    Heres the solve:
    1. Since most apps that installed from rock wont start up, you should stop using rock, this is if you do not want to restore. You will still have problems though with alot of apps, but not as many, if you install everything from cydia and put the rock app in a corner, or a folder. What else can you do? well anything that you have installed from rock, go into CYDIA and remove everything checkmarked on the list of apps you downloaded. remove all sources you installed (installed by user sources) then go into cydia and do everythign from there. Rock is a good looking program and is smooth, but need major updating.
    2. For those that consider re-jailbreaking, restore to 3.1.2/3.1.1 in itunes, and then run blackra1n for windows and purplera1n for mac (if you have similar problems when you jailbreaked on mac with rock app) after running blackra1n install ONLY CYDIA - icy has been having some issued latley as well, you dont want to have to restore again.
    3. if you still have issues, leave comments i'll try to help, if i have missed something - tell me ill add it to the post. i hope i helped - thanks, Knifeproz

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