Error: Package download failed! (only SIP-VoIp)

Discussion in 'iPod touch VoIP and Telephony' started by boondock, May 7, 2008.

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    May 7, 2008
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    Hey ya'll i'm having trouble dl the Touchmods SIP-VoIP. I've searched the forums and cant find anything relating to Touchmods. says their servers are all up and i can dl their other apps.
    I'm on a 16gb IPT with 1.1.4 and used ZIPHONE to jailbreak. I've already tried a comple restore but to no avail. Like i said i can dl any other app except this's really frustrating

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    so if anybody can help me out i'd be much abliged or know of another repo i can try

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    BTW: the reason i need this to work so bad is because in 8 weeks i will be going to a federal service academy that does not allow iPods...however they do allow personal phones! So since i do not want to part with my IPT and since there is wifi on campus i should be able to get away with it IF it'll work

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